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In the constantly changing world of innovation and technology, the only thing more intense than competition is the ardent consumer demand for original, high-quality, innovative products. Our company has grown to become a market leader by meeting those demands. Over the years since our establishment in 1975, we have demonstrated superiority in our field by obtaining various international patent rights and quality certificates.

Moreover, we have also gained a position at the forefront of this industry worldwide, with our products now accounting for 25% of the international market. At the moment, we are engaged in manufacturing and exporting barcode label printing scales, electronic scales, price labelers, automatic rotary printing machines, labels and other tools for use in retail applications. Focusing on unwavering commitment to R&D of new series, we have comprehensive after-sales services on offer. Due to these factors, we have experienced growing customer loyalty and are able to consistently provide the utmost client satisfaction.

Every one of our staff members knows that his or her efforts are valued and appreciated, and every employee is encouraged to develop their own unique potential. Through our continuous efforts and dedication to a generous incentive scheme, we make every effort to promote professionalism, participation and personal fulfillment throughout the company.

We are striving to provide the right products at the right time by anticipating the needs of our customers. Thus, our most important goal is to create products of better convenience for clients, and endeavor to make our "MOTEX" brand name synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation.




Efficient Moments, MOTEX



2019. 04 ㅣ Obtained Easy to peel off tape dispenser 'i cut' patent rignts

2019. 03 ㅣ Established ‘MOTEX JAPAN’ in Tokyo

2015. 07 ㅣ Established 'MOTEX PILLOW'

2014. 07 ㅣ Established 'AMAZING PARK'

2012. 11 ㅣ Obtained 'INNO-BIZ'

2011. 11 ㅣ Obtained the 'G-STAR'

2011. 05 ㅣ Obtained 'Korean Logistics grand prize'

2010. 12 ㅣ Obtained 'Jang Young Sil' Awards


2009. 02 ㅣ Obtained the CE Mark (EU) & NEP Mark (Korea) Certification for the RFID Converting Machine

2008. 05 ㅣ Developed RFID Converting & RFID Inspection with Extra 4 Units Machine

2007. 08 ㅣ Developed RFID Converting Machine 1st in Korea

2007. 06 ㅣ Obtained ‘ISO 14001’ Certification

2006. 08 ㅣ Motex Paper Shredders have been certified as Excellent Products by Korean Procurement Service Center

2006. 01 ㅣ Obtained NET(New Excellent Product) MARK from Korea Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

2004. 09 ㅣ Obtained ‘Bronze Medal  of Industrial Tower’ Awards

2004. 05 ㅣ Obtained ‘Iron Medal of Industrial Tower’ Awards

2003. 12 ㅣ Obtained ‘EM Mark’

2002. 05 ㅣ Participated Exhibition of ‘World’s First-Class Products’ in London, Paris and in Beijing

2001. 11 ㅣ Accredited as Manufacturer of ‘World’s First-Class Products’ (Industrial Resource Board)

2000. 10 ㅣ Established the 2nd Factory (Nae-dong, Buchun City, KyungKi- do, Korea)


1999. 06 ㅣ Obtained Certificates: ‘CE Mark (EU)’

1999. 04 ㅣ Accredited as ‘Enterprise with High Technology’

1998. 10 ㅣ ‘Honors from the president of Korea’ in Manufacturing Exemplary Products

1998. 07 ㅣ Designated as a ‘Venture Enterprise’

1998. 07 ㅣ Designated as one of the ‘Republic Korea’s 50 Leading Enterprise’

1998. 05 ㅣ Accredited as ‘Promising Advanced Technology Enterprise’

1998. 02 ㅣ Price Labeler became to be noted as ‘World-Wide Class Capital Goods’

1997. 11 ㅣ Obtained the ‘NT Mark’ for the Auto Rotary Printing Machine with Automatic Turret System

1997. 11 ㅣ Obtained the ‘Republic of Korea’s Industrial Service Medal Certificate’

1997. 10 ㅣ Designated as ‘Republic of Korea’s 100 Leading Enterprise’

1997. 10 ㅣ Obtained the ‘EM Mark’ for the Price Labelers

1997. 05 ㅣ Achieved ‘Non-Disater Year’

1997. 03 ㅣ Noted as ‘KyungKi-do Provincial Prosperous Small & Medium-sized Enterprise’


1996. 12 ㅣ Established the Research & Development Department

1996. 11 ㅣ Accredited with the ‘Tower of Five-Million-Dollar Exports’ and the ‘Prime Minister’ Award on the 33rd National Celebration Day of Trade

1996. 10 ㅣ Obtained the ‘ISO 9001/ KS A 9001’ Certificates

1996. 05 ㅣ Established ‘Beijing Branch of MOTEX’ in China

1996. 03 ㅣ Established ‘Scales Department’

1996. 03 ㅣ Obtained the ‘Exemplary Merchants and Industrialist Award’ from the Commerce and the Industrial Resource Board

1996. 01 ㅣ Designated as ‘Accredited Enterprise for Militery Servies’

1995. 12 ㅣ Obtained the ‘Best Job-Site’ Award from the Kyungki-do Goverment

1995. 01 ㅣ Exported to 80 countries ; obtained 3 international and 2 national patent Rights, and 21 Utility Model Patents.

1991. 09 ㅣ Expanded and moved to the New Seoul Office (Chungmuro 5th Ave, Jung Gu, Seoul Korea)

1991. 07 ㅣ Established Busan Office (Bumchun 1 Dong, Jinu, Busan, Korea)

1990. 01 ㅣ Convert to Join Stock Corporation


1988. 03 ㅣ Established machinery parts; started exporting printing machines, Adhesive Coating Machines, and Slitting & Rewinding Machines over 10 countries

1987. 03 ㅣ Established Seoul Office (Yekwan Dong, Jung Gu, Seoul Korea)

1985. 01 ㅣ Exported over 20 countries as a result of adding various new models to the existing lines

1984. 12 ㅣ Built up Production Lines: Injection moulding, Printing, and Part Assembly

1984. 06 ㅣ Began exporting Price Labelers: Obtained variety of national and international patent rignts

1983. 07 ㅣ Produced Price Labeler for the 1st in Korea and the 5th in the world

1982. 07 ㅣ Renamed company to “MOTEX PRODUCTS CO.,LTD.”

1980. 03 ㅣ Expanded into a new factory ( SamJung-dong, Buchun City, Kyungki-do, Korea)


1978. 01 ㅣ Established Export Department

1976. 01 ㅣ Produced Tape-Writer for the 1st in Korea and the 4th in the world

1975. 02 ㅣ Established “Young-BIN writer co.”





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